Registration & Admission

Preparation for your Care- Bring the list of your current medication along with any special instructions and inform about any allergies  or past history. If you are scheduled for a procedure on the day of the admission do not wear any jewellery, nail varnish or make-up.

Patients shall first contact the Reception / Admission Desk and will give details of the case. After registration, the admission will be arranged by the receptionist at the admission counter. A previous appointment can also be taken for admission . Categories of room such as private room, of different type and semi-private ward beds are available at the hospital with a different tariff. Allotment of the rooms will be made at the reception and the room will be handed over to the patient / patient’s relative at the time of patient shifting to ward. (In case, the category of room which is available will be allotted and later the patient will be shifted to the room of his choice as and when such category of room falls vacant).

Admission For Cashless Treatment

The patients from empanelled institutions shall be admitted only after submitting an authorization letter and copy of ID proof from their company to the Admission in-charge for availing cashless treatment. The bill of treatment done before the receipt of authorization letter shall be borne by the patient only.  If the policy is found to be non-eligible or the bills are partially reimbursed, you shall be liable to pay the bill. In case you are entitled for general Ward and wish to stay in a Private room, you shall have to pay the difference.


Patient and visitors parking is available in the hospital in parking lots. Parking is free.


Patient should obtain details of tariff for room etc. from the Reception .The Reception counter has the tariff for different types of room and investigations. In case of package treatment, the estimate shall be provided by the treating doctor.

Payment of Intial Deposit/Bills

On admission, an initial deposit shall be paid by patient in the Billing section depending upon the type of room requested and nature of treatment.  Generally the hospital  offers package. The amount  shall be deposited  before the procedure Patient shall collect initial deposit receipt at the time of admission. For stay beyond package and medical treatment, patient will be billed on a daily basis and those bills have to be paid within two days as an advance payment. The deposited amount will be adjusted at the time of final settlement. Payments should be made by cash or demand draft. Please take Receipt of all payments done. Usually the hospital does not entertain the total bill outstanding to be more than Rs. 5,000/- . For details, please contact billing section.

Room Amenities

General Ward: The General ward is air conditioned with six beds in one ward . There is also ample wardrobe and drawer space for your belongings. There is a folder containing A-Z list of useful telephone numbers. You will also be able to order a complimentary daily newspaper of your choice Private Room

Medical Care

Nursing Care – While you receive treatment at hospital, you are likely to have a team of doctors and nurses involved in your care. They will take your past medical history, present condition, allergies/sensitivities and current medication. Routine observations of temperature, pulse and blood pressure will be recorded.

Your Doctor/ Consultant –  A panel of distinguished medical doctors is attached to our hospital. When you seek admission, your case is assigned to one of them. Your consultant will have a team of in-house qualified doctors to assist in your treatment. They will visit you as often they find necessary. All tests, medication and special treatment will be prescribed by your consultant and he/she will guide your treatment. Should you wish to learn of any information regarding your progress kindly refer to your consultant will be contacted by the nursing staff. Our Critical Care Unit (CCU) has a team of dedicated specialist doctors who are specially trained in intensive care. Doctors are on duty in the IC units day and night, all seven days of the week.


The Physiotherapist appointed by the hospital shall conduct your physio sessions as and when required.


A team of clinical nutritionists and dietitians is available to provide you consultation about your diet. The nutritionist will visit you to provide nutritional care and education and make a special diet chart for you. Kindly  tell him/her about any food allergies you have.


Your consultant will decide your discharge date and time with you. Prior to discharge follow-up appointment will usually be made with your consultant. Patients are requested to inform the Admission/ discharge Coordinator about the probable time of departure. After approval of the Medical Consultant, the coordinator will ensure that the documents are kept ready within three hours. Periodical deposits made by the patients will be adjusted. Bills must be settled on presentation. Cheques are not accepted at the time of  discharge. Upon settlement of the bills, the room should be handed over to the ward in-charge or Nurse on duty. Patients are advised to collect their discharge summaries from  coordinator before leaving the hospital. The patient shall get a final counselling from the Nutitionist along with handing over of all documents. It is also compulsory to fill the feedback form. Discharge is done after 1pm as  per hospital policy.


Patient shall not wash or dry their clothes inside the hospital. The bathroom provided at parking area can be used by relatives.

Lift Facility

Lift is available at OCHRI for moving patients and equipment across the floors. As a part of maintenance drive & restriction of visitors the lift is kept off from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. & from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Trasport Arrangements

We recommend you arrange for family or friends to collect you from the hospital, particularly if you have had a general anesthetic within the previous 24 hours. If you need a taxi, ambulance, the nursing staff will be happy to arrange this for you.

No Smoking And Drinking

Smoking, Chewing tobacco and use of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.