In March 2004, Lucknow Development Authority allotted two acres of land to Foundation in the institutional area of posse locality of Gomti Nagar. A new hospital complex of 100 beds was built with public and bank support and was inaugurated by then the President of Republic of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on March 03, 2006. The main objective of this hospital is to provide cost effective international standard of heart care to a wider section of society especially needy and poor, in addition, to create awareness among the people with regard to genesis and prevention of heart diseases.

Despite wide awareness and preventive measures, heart diseases in India have become a major health problem. In recent time, progressive changes in the social fabric, rapid urbanization leading to increased stress both mental and physical at work place as well as at home, change in life style, lack of physical exercise, excessive intake of fatty food, have increased manifold the incidence of heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. Approximately 60 million people are suffering from heart diseases and blood pressure and more than 60 % of them are in their productive age group i.e. between 40-55 years.


Divine Heart Hospital caters to almost whole of Uttar Pradesh, eastern parts of Bihar and Nepal. As there are very few cardiac centers in U.P. except NCR, Divine Heart Hospital stands out as a beacon for millions of heart patients in this, not so developed, region of India. Savings hearts can definitely save more lives, which has been the mission of Divine Heart Foundation.


We at Divine Heart & Multispecialty Hospital, have a mission to render world class healthcare, education and research and ensure highest quality of services to the community at large.


The need of the hour is to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the central and eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh by providing access to a continuum of high quality clinical services. To achieve this, the hospital will focus resources on continuously improving clinical outcomes, patient safety, service excellence and promoting educational outreach and professional development of its staff.

Objectives – Health Care, Education and Research

Health Care – When set up, Divine Heart Hospital was envisioned a pioneer hospital in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in terms of state-of-the-art facilities, layout, medical services and world class patient care at cost effective price. To make this feat achievable the best in every field were employed with the aim of providing quality patient care. Today Divine Heart Hospital has become synonymous with the best in cardiac care and services across and around the state of Uttar Pradesh.  The Cardiac service is just one such area where we can extend specialized and competent services. We make sure that everyone is treated with utmost sincerity and goes back smiling.

Education – In a developing country like India, health education is of immense importance. People need to be aware of their physical as well as mental health in order to build a progressive nation. Divine Heart Hospital presents a host of educational initiatives in its quest to build a strong medical community. In this direction, we offer:

  • Continued Medical Education Programs for Physicians across the state and provide them with latest medical updates.
  • Awareness programs for different sections of society through free camps, check-up programs, presentations etc.
  • Educational seminars and lectures for medical and Para-medical staff.


Research – Divine Heart Hospital lays emphasis to the contribution of medical research in the growth of an organization and medical community at large. Therefore, we conduct various primary and secondary researches within our institution.