In association with the Divine Heart Foundation, Divine Heart Hospital & Research Centre conducts various continued medical education programs along with free camps to create awareness regarding the latest medical advancement in the field of cardiac care. Seminars and workshops are regularly conducted for the heart patients so that they understand their heart better.

The hospital has envisaged that besides epidemiology, which would substantiate the genesis of various heart diseases, a more sincere effort will be made to concentrate on evolving treatment strategies of 15-20 % of irreversible heart diseases, which are not amenable to standard mode of therapy. They either require replacement of heart with the help of a living donor by heart transplantation or replacement with total artificial heart or repair through inducing angiogenesis by the process of stem cells infusion into the damaged heart.


Our endeavor is to reach to the remotest areas of our state and make people aware of different kinds of heart ailments through conducting community welfare and free heart care camps. Patients coming to such camps are examined and counseled by an expert team of doctors and advised as per their requirements. Continued Medical Education programs are conducted for training of physicians and medical experts with the latest offerings in Cardiac Care. Seminars and workshops are conducted within the premises for staff members and outpatients to learn about the basic structure and functions of the heart.